Do you need advice on how to wear tights ?


Do you need advice on how to wear tights that matches your style, your body type, your tastes, the season and your degree of reluctance? Heres for choosing your tights!

In the list of problems with tights , there is size to choose from, it's a real headache when you do not know your body size. Not to mention the choice of color, material, denier: in short, a journey full of pitfalls!

Still, having  nice tights is the key to a flawless look. Not only does it come to perfect your dress style, but it is also the essential fashion accessory to make pretty legs, refine the waist, shape shapes and keep legs warm in the winter days.

Pair of fine pantyhose, fancy, opaque, transparent, wool, nylon, flesh-colored ... Finding resistant and quality tights is often a dream. 
 Here are some rules and basic tips to achieve your goal: find the perfect pantyhose , summer and winter! 
Choose her tights according to her outfit

To know which tights are made for you, you must first of all that sticks to the essentials of dressing .

For a classic look : take tights to match his shoes.
For a look of character : take textured tights with relief games ...
For a sexy look : take lace tights, and play on sensual details.
For a festive look : glittery tights are the perfect accessory for the holiday season!
 On this occasion, we can afford the sticky lurex, to combine with a beautiful evening bag . As long as you calm the the outfit to avoid looking like a mirror ball. Discard the dress in sequins. Make way for a simple little black dress.

We will also reflect on the color chosen, depending on the circumstances: black tights for sober, colored tights (red, royal blue, duck green, mustard yellow) for originality or flesh-colored tights for discretion. It is essential to find the shade that perfectly matches your complexion (light beige, tan, brown, orange terracotta, gazelle ...).

Avoid: "the tanned effect" tights that do not always stick with your skin color. When in doubt, black is a safe bet. It is well known, it refines the silhouette and goes with almost everything.
Which size to choose?

In the majority of cases, we will be on a scale of sizes ranging from 1 to 4. Knowing your clothes size is essential to be well inside and not spinning her tights just by putting them on ... To do this, it is essential to know his weight and size. Refer to the size guide , often located on the back of the box.
How do you know if the tights are right for you?

The gusset at the crotch is perfectly in place and does not bother you. It does not pull you in the legs, but conversely, there are no folds in the knees when you stretch your leg.

Which pantyhose material to choose?
Lycra : often for colored leggings and tights.
In sail : fine, these tights are perfect in the spring. Attention, fragile!
Foam : often of poor quality, they end up pilling.
In wool : they serve to keep warm the winter. However, when they are very thick, they tend to weigh down the silhouette.
A fishnet : star of the 90s, they are, today, again on the front of the stage. 
In satin : expensive and chic, you will find them in specialized shops.
What money to choose?

 The number of deniers is a unit of measure that corresponds to a fiber.
10 to 15 deniers:

Very thin and transparent tights, perfect for summer. With this range, you should know that the risks of spinning her tights are higher.
20 to 30 last:

Classic semi-opaque tights, with a pleasant second skin effect: the perfect pantyhose in the spring.
50 deniers:

Opaque tights very strong although quite fine. Often, they have the advantage of going into a machine.
60 to 100 deniers:

Totally opaque tights that are well suited for fall and winter. Pay attention to the choice of the size, because they often lose in elasticity.

Note, some leggings contain the indication 1500 deniers .

The latter are a good indicator of the opacity and often the thickness of the pantyhose. So, you'll understand, the higher the number of deniers, the more the tights are hot. Prefer small money for the summer and the biggest for cold winter days! 

You should know that the value of money can play on the life of a pair of tights. Often, if you want tights to last ,  to bet on a figure above 20.

After all these steps, you are able to know when a pantyhose is of good quality: the texture is homogeneous on the leg, its touch is soft, it can be preserved without pilling after washing machine or by hand, and it marries perfectly the morphology of the leg.
Little things to know about pantyhose
Problem of circulation of the legs?

There are special tights, called " compression tights " sold in pharmacies to improve blood circulation. Different compression classes exist depending on the level required to relieve the legs. It depends on your physical activity. Your daily position can play too, ie do you stay up or sit all day.

The measurement is this time much more precise. It is done with a tape measure at several places on the leg.
To improve his silhouette:

At the slimming clothing department, you can opt for sculpting and slimming pantyhose called "push-up". They boast actions flat stomach and anti-cellulite, to redraw the silhouette.
Choose the brand of tights that suits you:

For a cheap tights , you can opt for Monoprix Femme , Calzedonia , Kiabi , Sun , H & M , New Look , Etam and Camaïeu .

Otherwise, you can go to American Apparel, Mark & ​​Spencer, Aubade, Le Bourget, Bleu Forêt, Galeries Lafayette, Lise Charmel, Wolford, Max Mara, Well, Chantal Thomass, Gerbe, Doré Doré or La Perla.

You can also order online via Boulevard Doré, La Redoute or the 3 Swiss.

 You are now better equipped to find the perfect tights! 

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