With the beautiful sunshine we have been blessed with, it is tempting to indulge towards the summer collections, lighter dresses, shorter dresses, and pretty shorts who are desperately waiting for the beautiful days! We would dream of listening to the proverb that tells us to never cast a clout until May is out! Be patient, it’s coming soon!

In the mean time, here are 5 reasons here are 5 reasons why it is a good idea to wear your tights a little longer

1- The “yo-yo” weather 

You have probably noticed, we are juggling between light and thick coats, between sandals and boots, we continue to look for our scarves and bring the umbrella everywhere just in case! Mother nature is hot-headed, it would be a shame to get sick before the summer festivities!

2- We test the new arrivals

If the desire is stronger than everything, you could give in and wear a few pieces that are already purchased for summer and test their comfort and their effect. As the colours will surely be sparkling, we suggest you play the game thoroughly and maximize everything. Mix colours, create nice and refreshing looks!

3- Slightly pale legs 

Unless you have spent your winter in the tropics, or you have gone overboard with self-tanning creams, or being adept to UV, your legs are probably a little pale! Favour your tights for weekdays, at work, 5 @7 events, and enjoy the weekends to for sunbathing!

4- “Office” weather

To those who work at an office, you have probably noticed that we never know what to rely on for the temperature! As if the heating and air conditionner are not able to agree and are battling the degrees! Your tights are excellent allies against the cold that threatens us!

5- We dare our colours!

During winter, we tend to wear darker colours. You might have noticed, with the team we haven’t said goodbye to our colours during the winter season! We have proposed some lovely, flamboyant, electric and radiant colours! To those who didn’t dare leaving their comfort zone, now’s the time! Enjoy the winter to add a touch of colour to your tights!

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