How To Properly Put On Hosiery

Hosiery is as delicate as it is beautiful. Following these few simple steps when putting it on will extend the life of your new sheers as well as making them more attractive. Although opaque tights may be a bit more substantial, they are just as easily ruined by carelessness. 

1.The easiest way to ruin your new hose is with a hangnail. It all begins with a well manicured foot. Also ... don't forget to check your fingernails for potential snags. 

Gently hold your hosiery at the top and gather it up until your fingers have reached the tip of the toe. 

2.Pull it on over your toes, making sure the toe seam is aligned with the front center of your toes and not twisted. (See the closeup in the "Putting On StayUps" section below.) 

From here on, rest the tip of your foot on a soft hassock or chair.

3.With your toes firmly planted upon the hassock to keep the toe seam aligned, continue pulling up your foot letting go of as much fabric as necessary to keep the stretch even. 

4.Keeping a firm but gentle grip, work the "bunch" slightly downward and upward when rounding the heel to allow sufficient fabric to fill the distance.

5.Continue pulling gently upward making sure to keep the hosiery straight and not twisted. Though this is easier to see with patterned hose, it is important even with plain sheers as morning twists will be noon wrinkles. 

6.Drop the other leg and gather it up as you did before. Put your first foot on the floor and remaining foot on the hassock. Repeat the procedure for your second leg until both legs are above your knees..

7.Now that both hosiery legs are above your knees, use your palms - never your fingernails - to smooth the fabric gently upward from your ankle to above your knees. Keep the amount of stretch consistent, even, and the hose straight. 

8.Keep nudging upward until the hosiery reaches the top of your legs. Spend a bit of time smoothing and straightening along your thighs. The effort of smoothing upward now will ensure an attractive appearance as the day progresses.

9.Finish pulling up to your waist, raising each leg a few inches at a time. If your hosiery is a bit short, gently smooth more material upward beginning at your ankles. Do not pull up only from the waistband. This will not only be certain to work its way back down, but will also put undue stress on the hosiery. Great for us ... bad for your wallet! 

10.Smooth and comfortable front and back. Voila! You're done. 

But ... don't forget to check your shoes for rough edges, sharp buckles, and the like. 

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