How To Go About Your Day Without Destroying Your Tights


If you are a die hard tights lover, you will know that nothing ruins a day than accidentally poking a hole in your favourite pair while putting them on, or discovering a tear thanks to some rogue nail somewhere. The point is ruining your stockings or tights is sort of inevitable and heartbreaking at that, because where else would you find those lace patterns again that was just the right amount of sheer? 

Well, the good news is that it doesn't necessarily have to be this way. As a tights connoisseur myself, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that will save your tights from the constant runs, snags or tears. Here's how.
Invest in the right kind

When buying tights, opt for the thicker and the opaque ones over the thin sheer ones as these are much more sturdier and less likely to tear or snag.

Wear them right

Never ever wear your tights like a pant. Always gather all of the material between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, slip your foot inside and then roll them up, rather than pulling and yanking it in stages.

Prevent toe holes in your tights

This is perhaps the most common issue owing to the friction. especially when they rub against the inside of the shoes. To prevent this just slip on thin no-show socks over or under tights to lend extra reinforcement to the toe and heel areas.

Freeze your tights

To start off in a good note, run your new stockings in water, squeeze the water out and put them in your freezer in a plastic bag overnight. Take them out the next day and defrost at room temperature. The low temperatures help keep the tights' fibres together, and prevent rips and runs altogether.

To stop runs in your tights 

In order to stop runs from ruining the entire pair, use clear nail polish or hairspray on the effected areas. To reduce the changes beforehand, spray hairspray on tights to prevent new runs in areas prone to extra friction, like around your toes or thighs.

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