Instagram contest: How to take the perfect selfie of tights


INSTAGRAM CONTEST: How to take the perfect selfie of legs?

If you like to post photos of your looks on your Instagram account , then this article is for you! Throughout the month of October, you can participate in our contest to win one of the three boxes which will be drawn by publishing your most beautiful selfie of legs. 

To participate is simple: 
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Post a photo of you with your pantyhose and hastag #collantpourchoment 
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But above all, here are some tips to take the perfect picture of your gambettes by sticking in your daily life.
1. Use the grid

To capture the most beautiful selfie you can use the grid that is on your screen when you take a picture directly via Instagram or you can add it in the camera settings of your phone. Thanks to it, your legs will be perfectly aligned and you will have a nice symmetry!
2. Work your angle

If you think there's just one way to take your legs in self-help, you're wrong. You can take your picture by sitting, standing, legs elongated or by putting your gambols in the air and against a wall.

Standing Photo: Photographing her legs from the top while standing is a good way to make a selfie of legs in all simplicity. So, we arched, we put the camera at the level of the face, we tilt the knees and we take the picture! The telephone must be parallel to the ground.

Seated Photo: This type of leg selfie is a bit more challenging but offers more possibilities. You may be sitting on a chair or opt for the legs position lying on your bed, sofa or even on the floor. Place your phone parallel to your legs and as high as possible.

Photo "gambettes en l'air": Here is the most original position to take your selfie legs but also the one that is the most challenging! Place a cushion or a blanket on the ground against the wall, sit on it, raise and stick your legs against the wall. You can cross your legs or bend a knee. Place the phone parallel to your legs and as far away as possible.

3. Everything is in detail

To have the perfect picture, you have to think about everything around you. Do not forget that the atmosphere of the decor is as important as your legs! We opt either for a decor that is not too loaded (then temporarily removes some objects that take up too much space) or then opts for a surface with a pattern that attracts the eye like a beautiful tiling or an autumn decoration with using the leaves of colors on the trotting for example.

Put life into your photo including accessories. It can be a handbag, a book, a latte or even your pet!

Here, you are ready to take a selfie of legs and share your photo with the #collantpourchoment!

Have fun 😉

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