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Hurray for 2018! Hurray for winter weather! Hurray for new accessories to try! I’m so glad to be back to blogging after a little break during the holiday (even though I sneakily published an extra post) and I’m even more excited to share my review of UK Tights.

When the brand contacted me a while back, I took a peak at their site and was spoilt for choice. They kindly sent me four pairs of tights to try out, and review on my blog. It’s definitely a collaboration I was excited to start for two simple reasons:

#1 I have never, ever, worn patterned or fashion tights

#2 I really, really, want to try wearing patterned or fashion tights

There are so many occasions, especially at work, where I will wear a black dress, with a black cardigan and basic black tights (probably with black shoes too). It’s almost my uniform. Thanks to UK Tights, I now have something new to spice up those all-black outfits and experiment with. Now that I have patterned tights (there’s one pair in particular I’m obsessedwith), I can still wear my all-black looks, my everyday skater skirts, and bodycon dresses but still feel put together.

We’re right in the middle of winter, and this weather is the perfect opportunity to try out some new stockings from the world’s largest hosiery store. I can keep warm, and look good.

Patterned tights, for me, are something really different. I wasn’t sure if there were going to be an accessory that irritated me, or just looked weird with an outfit. But I’m so glad I tried it out. UK Tights were kind enough to give me plenty of time to wear the tights (over a couple of months) and really get a feel of them so I could post an honest review.

The first pair I tried were the Wolford Triangle Tights. Want to hear something devastating? I ripped these tights this morning. It isn’t by fault of the fabric, it’s my clumsy limbs getting caught on tree branches and tugging away instead of unhooking. I’m so sad because this pair is beautiful! As you can see in the close-up shot, the tights have a tiny triangle print and are 20 denier appearance.

Fun fact: this design is one of Wolford’s most accomplished designs of the year and I can see why.

The print is even more chic in person, if I was ever going to Paris, sitting front row at a fashion show, or needed an extra sprinkle of allure, I would definitely bring a pair of these tights along. The pair are eye-catching because of the unique slanted triangle print, and so easy to wear. When I first saw them, I thought they would completely take-over an outfit, and look chaotic on legs, but they really are a stunning design. It’s something I would have never thought of!

We’re onto my favourite! This pair of 70 denier tights are a tribute to Kurosawa, one of the most important and influential filmmakers in the history of Japanese cinema, and homage to art and beauty of the land of the rising sun. Floral has long been a fixture of the art of Feudal Japan and this treasured art form inspired the design behind this pair. One thing I really like about the description of the tights, is that “you feel the weight of history and the beauty of a thousand years of art become a part of your wardrobe” – such a beautiful sentiment.

The pattern on this precise pair is elegant in every aspect. The Trasparenze Kurosawa have become my favourite because of how striking the tights are, without actually using any colour. There’s such a cool blend of black, white and grey to create a full array of tones from the leaves to the petals. The flowers are so well-detailed, I didn’t actually think it was possible to get a design so complex on polyamide and elastane. They’re a really comfortable pair to wear, and I think are suitable for all body shapes too. I can’t wait to include this pair in more outfits, the design has my heart!

This pair actually has a mock suspender look, which is definitely cool if you’re wearing something on the shorter side. What I love most about this pair is the quality. Plus, they’re affordable.

I have many different pairs of black or sheer tights, and they either rip within a few weeks (due to poor fabric), they occasionally acquire a ladder or two in the most inconvenient of places, or that have that weird bubbly effect in the crotch area that isn’t pleasant at all. With the Giulia Elisa Fashion Tights, I found that they stayed fresh, felt new and remained soft after multiple washes and plenty of wear. This pair is my go-to when it comes to a chill day, or a patterned dress. Quality is everything.

Dresses are easily my favourite item of clothing to wear, and I’m not yet at the stage when I like to mix prints (possibly coming soon), so the Giulia tights are the perfect balance of chic and pretty, but simple and stylish. There is a whole range of Giulia tights on UK Tights’ online site, and I have my eye on the Miriam 20 Fashion Tights N.3 and the Giulia Rio 150 Fashion Tights N.2 next!

Now onto the softest pair of tights I have ever worn. I mean it. Jonathan Aston is a high-fashion brand, and the Fantasy tights are the one of the more subtle patterns, but still just as wonderful. I chose this pair for the design, because I loved the unique pattern, which is described as “a series of butterflies dancing around one another”. I was drawn immediately to this pair because they look far from basic. The silvery pattern shimmers in the light and is nothing short of glamorous.

When trying on the tights for the first time, I was shocked by the fact that they felt nothing like tights. Hear me out: the fabric is such phenomenal quality, they are unbelievably soft, I have 100% cotton t-shirts that aren’t as cosy as these tights! The thick and comfy fabric is so easy to wear and put on, there’s no struggle at all. I have worn this pair a lot, and through many washes, they’ve stayed just as silky. I can easily say I have never owned a pair of tights that were this comfortable to wear. If it wasn’t for the picturesque design of the Trasparenze Kurosawa tights, the Jonathan Aston pair would be my favourite.

Overall, I’m so happy UK Tights offered to send me four pairs of tights to try. I’m really happy with every single pair, and definitely have a favourite. I would definitely recommend this brand if you’re on the hunt for some new hosiery to spice up your wardrobe and an affordable range of fashion tights. As soon as the Trasparenze Platino Tights go back into stock, I’m getting a pair of those too – just look at that pattern!

Which pair are your favourite? Have you ever worn pattern or fashion tights?

A xo

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