Perfect ideas for wearing tights this spring


The mild weather is coming soon, which means that I officially start to release my semi-transparent tights. However, I know that I still have to dress with caution.

For my outfits to be appropriate for the different temperature changes this spring, I combine my tights with leggings ! The legwarmers will keep me warm, and add a punch of color, like yellow or burgundy , to all my outfits.

To prepare for the new season, I gathered some ideas of outfits to arrange my tights . I am often asked what shoes to wear with leggings. For my spring looks, I will wear them with my boots because they are perfect for this season, in addition to being a classic in my wardrobe.
Here are 3 ideas for wearing leggings this spring!
With a denim skirt

A denim mini skirt is an essential item for spring! Agency hold her with a XXL white shirt and a pair of graphic tights for a casual look that will follow you everywhere. Complete your outfit with a pair of gray leggings (or any other color) and you'll have the perfect outfit, no matter how hot it will be!

With a sweater dress

A dress-sweater is super easy to match with leggings or tights. For spring, I reinvent my classic black dress by combining it with a pair of burgundy leggings . Again, I opt for a graphic tights to balance the more classic side of my outfit.

With a knit dress

A knit dress is also perfect for spring, especially when worn with a light jacket and a pair of leggings. This blue dress fits wonderfully with mustard yellow leggings and you can wear this outfit in the office and for your 5 @ 7 !

Will you go for a pair of leggings this spring?



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