Would YOU wear tights with no knickers? People are left horrified at the thought of going commando when wearing hosiery - but some women insist it's what the cotton gusset is for

From the colour to the denier, there's a lot to think about when it comes to wearing tights.

But now a whole new debate has opened up after one woman revealed that her friend doesn't wear knickers when wearing tights. 

Taking to Mumsnet, she explained how the friend in question told her she 'doesn't bother' with underwear when wearing hosiery - insisting the gusset is there to allow the wearer to go without.

While some fellow mums admitted they too sometimes ditch their knickers with tights, the idea of going commando left many on the parenting forum horrified - including one woman who said it was a 'recipe for a yeast infection'. 

Posting on the parenting forum, she explained how her friend told her that was the very reason tights have the 'white gusset thing'

The debate was sparked by Mumsnet user TeddyRuxpinsSmile, who asked whether no knickers with tights was 'a thing'.

She explained: 'So we have had a house guest and somehow in general conversation the topic of tights came up

'She said "well of course when I wear those tights with a white gusset thing I don't bother with knickers". 

Recalling the rest of the conversation, she said her friend told her: 'Oh yeah that's why they have the white bit!' 

However, many others were left unconvinced and found the idea of not wearing underwear beneath tights disgusting 

Another questioned what would happen if the tights split and thought the gusset was just there for 'extra reinforcement' 

Meanwhile, one Mumsnet user said not wearing pants underneath tights sounded 'like a recipe for a yeast infection'

Asking other Mumsnet users for their opinion on the matter, she wrote: 'Really? How have I spent 37 years not knowing this? Does everyone know and do this?'

Others were quick to react, with many suggesting that the idea of not wearing knickers under tights was 'disgusting'. 

One wrote: 'eww no. EWWWW. they are all polyester and completely non absorbent..'

Another added: 'Oh god I couldn't! What if they split?! Cold bits! I thought it was just sort of there as extra reinforcement.'

However, others admitted that they often opt to go commando when wearing tights 

One person explained how they saw 'no point' in wearing knickers with tights that have a cotton gusset 

Another added that she'd never had an issue with going commando with tights, saying she hadn't experienced ripping or thrush 

Others said they ditch the knickers under tights when trying to avoid a visible panty line 

However, others admitted that they do ditch the knickers when wearing tights.

One woman explained: 'I wear tights 3x a week in the winter. Always opaque, always with a cotton gusset and never bother to wear knickers. I see no point.'

Another said she hasn't experienced any problems with going commando under tights, explaining: 'Never been an issue, no ripping, no thrush, no cold draughts'.

Meanwhile, some women explained how they opted to wear tights without knickers to avoid a visible panty line. 

Some said it was 'fine' if people preferred to go commando with tights, but said that wasn't the point of the cotton gusset. But one person seemed to disagree and said she remembered the tights being marketed for that purpose

Another said that her sister had also told her that the 'whole point' of the tights was not wearing knickers underneath

Others disagreed that going without underwear was 'grim' as people weren't 'sharing them' and were washing them after

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