Holy Tights ! Indestructible ‘rip-proof’ tights now exist


Indestructible ‘rip-proof’ tights now exist and they promise FIFTY ladder-free wears… but they don’t come cheap

Start-up company Sheerly Genius claims to have solved every woman's most common tights problem

EVERY woman knows the pain of pulling on a fresh pair of tights to find they've snagged within the first few hours of wearing them.

Luckily, there's now a hosiery brand which claim to have invented a ‘rip-proof, snag-proof, life-proof’ pair of tights which last for FIFTY wears.

The brand claims to use 'ballistic grade fibres' - that's the same thing used in bulletproof vests.

These fibres are said to be stronger than steel.

But it doesn't stop there: the material used is said to still be soft to touch, while being non-toxic and anti-bacterial.

Sheerly Genius claim the tights will last for 50-wears without snagging - so they might be worth investing in.

Sheerly Genius is still being crowdfunded, and while they've already raised over their initial target of $25,000 (£18k), there's still a way to go.

This means the genius tights are not yet for sale, sadly.

But the good news is you can pre-order a pair now for $79 (£57) from the company's website.

Race you to the checkout - you really can't argue with those cost-per-wear figures.

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