SHEER BLISS A Canadian company have invented the first ‘indestructible’ pair of tights.


THERE is nothing worse than snagging your brand new pair of tights in the morning only to find a full on 'ladder' has developed by evening.

Lucky, then, that a Canadian brand called Sheertex has invented a pair of "indestructible" tights that are "lighter than water" and "ten times stronger than steel".

The Sheertex Sheers are currently available in black, and three shades of nude will also soon be introduced.

They are made of a patent-pending blend of fibres - an ultra-high molecular weight polythene - normally used for bullet-proof vests and climbing equipment.

Their tongue-in-cheek advert shows a woman testing the tights on her sharp ring, her dog's chewing abilities and - even - as a rope to hang herself from the ceiling.

According to the creators, the tights are "ten times stronger pound for pound than steel" but feel and look exactly like your regular pair of 15 deniers.

Even better, they come in 'Small' to '2/3 X-large' and 'Short (4'11" - 5'3")' to 'Tall (5'7" - 6'1").

Eager customers have been ordering them online for £77.75 since December.

However, anyone wanting to get their legs in them now will have to move fast as just 250 pairs remain in stock - or wait until a new batch arrives in late February 2019.

Popular demand for the tights has been such that the company announced earlier this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that they would be increasing production.

They originally wanted to raise £7,853 on Indiegogo but ended up with £25,915 in the bank instead.

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